19 Coolest Gadgets for MEN That Are Worth Buying

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Yes, it’s another set of gadgets for men! There are a lot of brutal things on the list, from pen holders to all kinds of lighters! We’ve also thought of entertainment and self-defence. So fasten your belts and get your cams ready, you’ll like it!

0:00 Introduction
0:19 UCO Stormproof Match : https://geni.us/StormproofMatch
0:54 Revolver Pen Holder: https://geni.us/RevolverPenHolder
1:12 50 Caliber Bullet Pen : https://geni.us/ZIZn
1:25 50 Caliber BMG Real Bullet Bottle Opener: https://geni.us/BulletBottleOpener
1:35 Stinger Tactical Pen: https://geni.us/u1oZ
2:05 Morakniv Knife and Fire Starter : https://geni.us/KnifeAndFireStarter
2:25 Leicht Fire Starter Necklace: https://geni.us/FireStarterNecklace
2:42 EverRatchet Keychain Tool : https://geni.us/RatchetingKeychainTool
2:11 Steampunk Lighter 1: https://geni.us/DIYSteampunkLighter | https://ebay.to/3tQYcM7 | https://bit.ly/3choxgr
3:27 Steampunk Lighter 2: https://bit.ly/2NW8fQQ
Steampunk Lighter 3: https://bit.ly/3fgoq6C (alternative)
3:41 Muzen Wild Mini Rugged Outdoor Speaker: https://geni.us/RuggedSpeaker
4:26 LTR2 Titanium Mini Lighter : https://geni.us/Lighter_Case
4:45 LighterBro Multitool : https://geni.us/LighterMultitool
4:55 Lighter Cover Breaker Spinner: https://geni.us/StingerBICLighterCase | https://ebay.to/3lPwo86
5:09 Stinger Personal Alarm Emergency Tool :
https://geni.us/AlarmEmergencyTool https://ebay.to/2OXcWdL
5:47 Stainless Steel Belt: https://geni.us/SelfDefenseBelt
6:09 Skull Lighter: https://geni.us/CigaretteSkullLighter | https://ebay.to/3fekweG
6:41 Olympus TG-Tracker Camera: https://geni.us/TGTracker
7:27 SOG Multitool EDC Pen Light Baton Q1:
https://geni.us/SOGMultitoolPenLight | https://ebay.to/3tX2yBx
7:52 SOG Multitool EDC Pen Light Baton Q2:
https://geni.us/SOGMultitoolPenLightQ2 | https://ebay.to/3rkiHzg
8:03 SOG Multitool EDC Pen Light Baton Q3:
https://geni.us/SOGMultitoolPenLightQ3 | https://ebay.to/3lOeWAG
8:15 SOG Multitool EDC Pen Light Baton Q4:
https://geni.us/SOGMultitoolPenLightQ4 | https://ebay.to/2P4nkAg

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