Apple Services Outage Reported: Apple Music, Apple TV+, App Store, More Down For Users


Several of Apple’s web-based services including Apple Music, Apple TV+, the App Store, Podcasts, Contacts, and Apple Arcade are experiencing an outage in some parts of the world, as of Monday night. According to Apple’s own service uptime dashboard, users in India might currently have trouble using certain iCloud features, particularly Calendar, Contacts and Private Relay, as well as Apple Maps and the Find My network. 

The issues appear to be cascading, with different ones marked offline at different times. In other parts of the world, people have taken to social media to report even more widespread Apple outages affecting the App Store, Device Enrollment Program, Apple School Manager, the iTunes Store, Apple News, and more. 

According to the dashboard that Apple makes available online, several of its consumer as well as internal services have experienced temporary or recurring outages. In the case of the iCloud Account and Sign In service, the page notes that users might not be able to sign in to their Apple accounts but can still use services. However, iCloud Web Apps were also flagged, with the explanation only stating “This service may be slow or unavailable”.  iOS Device Activation also became unavailable but was later marked as resolved, even as issues persisted with other Apple services.

Other major companies and services recently affected by widespread service outages include Spotify, Twitter, Discord, Twitch, Slack, Trello, and even Roblox and Counter-Strike. 

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