Apple Watch May Get Stretchable Bands to Accurately Measure Blood Pressure in Future


Apple Watch bands may read blood pressure with more accuracy in the future. The bands have already mastered the art of measuring heart rates in beats per minute. But they are still unable to incorporate sensors sensitive enough to record blood pressure with precision. Apple seems to be pursuing an idea to improve this feature. A recently disclosed patent application reveals Apple’s plans. The tech giant may use a stretchable band to add accurate blood pressure measurement to Apple Watch. The patent does not suggest that Apple is currently working on the project. However, it prevents other tech entities from making the same product.

Due to their patent application dated October 16, 2021, Apple has the liberty to deploy the same concept in a different context in the future.

The abstract of the patent states that the company is considering using a “stretchable blood pressure cuff” or a strap that can read blood pressure when worn around the wrist.

The patent application further adds, “A user may monitor one or more of their physiological parameters by attaching a monitoring device such as a blood pressure monitor to one of their limbs. The blood pressure monitor may include an inextensible cuff that secures an inflatable bladder against a limb of the user. The inflatable bladder can be expanded, and the inextensible cuff may cause the bladder to compress the limb, thereby compressing one or more blood vessels in the limb and restricting and/or stopping blood flow through the vessels. The various pressures in the inflatable bladder that restrict and/or stop blood flow through the vessels in the limb may be measured and used to determine one or more physiological parameters of a user such as blood pressure of the user.”

Earlier, Apple researched how to provide precise blood pressure readings through its Watch without requiring a cuff. To date, various third-party apps are available on Apple Watch that can help measure blood pressure. But all of them require an accessory like a cuff that wraps around the wrist of the person.

In the patent, Apple also states: “A physiological monitoring device such as blood pressure cuff is typically worn during the measurement, and is removed promptly thereafter,” and goes on to add that “it might be desirable to wear the monitoring device for longer periods of time such that physiological measurements can be performed at periodically or continuously”.

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