Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications in Detail Tipped Through Alleged Internal Document


Apple Watch Series 7 specifications have reportedly been detailed through an alleged internal document shared on Twitter. The document suggests that the new Apple Watch model is powered by Apple’s S7 system-in-package (SiP). It also includes the weight and storage details about the Apple Watch Series 7. Although Apple is marketing the Apple Watch Series 7 as its most advanced smartwatch model, it doesn’t appear to have many differences with the Apple Watch Series 6 that was unveiled last year.

The alleged internal document was shared by a user in response to a tweet posted by Parker Ortolani of BuzzFeed. As reported by iMore, the document apparently details the Apple Watch Series 7. It mentions S7 SiP as the chip powering the new Apple Watch model. It is believed to be a rebranded version of the S6 that is available on the Apple Watch Series 6.

Detailing the S7, the document suggests that the chip includes a 64-bit dual-core processor and is 20 percent faster than the Apple Watch SE. The S6 chip on the Apple Watch Series 6 also has a 64-bit dual-core processor.

The references about rebranding were first brought into notice by developer Steve Troughton Smith while looking into Xcode. He suggested that Apple might have not talked about the Apple Watch Series 7 CPU at the launch event earlier this week as it could be the same as last year’s Apple Watch Series 6.

Alongside the SiP, the document suggests that the aluminium version of the Apple Watch Series 7 weighs 32 grams and 38.8 grams for its 41mm and 45mm variants, respectively. The titanium models, on the other hand, weigh 42.3 grams and 51.5 grams.

The document also indicates that the Apple Watch Series 7 may include 32GB of onboard storage — just like the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple has not yet provided any specifications about the Series 7 on its website, which is likely other Apple Watch models and even the latest iPhone and iPad versions. Nevertheless, the company may reveal the details sometime before releasing the new models later this fall.

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