Blaupunkt 43-inch Ultra-HD LED CyberSound Android TV (43CSA7070) Review: 4K Smart TV with Good Sound

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Most new budget televisions boast of popular features and specifications related to visuals, such as Ultra-HD resolution, support for HDR formats, and also smart connectivity to enable easy streaming of content from numerous online sources. However, few tout their sound capabilities; affordable options often have only basic speaker systems, and as a result, fairly basic sound quality. The latest range of TVs from Blaupunkt hopes to change that. In India, the Blaupunkt brand has been licensed by local manufacturer Super Plastronics for televisions, and it has recently launched the CyberSound range of affordable smart TVs.

The TV I’m reviewing here is the 43-inch model in this range, the Blaupunkt 43CSA7070 Ultra-HD LED Android TV, and it’s priced at Rs. 30,999. It checks all the boxes when it comes to basic specifications, with a 43-inch Ultra-HD LED-backlit screen, support for HDR content, and Android TV 10 powering the smart connectivity.

However, there’s also a key additional specification that gives the TV its name: the 43CSA7070 TV has a rated sound output of 50W through its built-in speaker system. Is this the loudest and best-sounding budget 4K TV you can buy right now, and can it also match up to the competition in terms of video quality? Find out in this review.

blaupunkt cybersound 43 tv review logo Blaupunkt

The Blaupunkt CyberSound 4K TV range is available in sizes of 43 inches, 50 inches, and 55 inches

Blaupunkt 43-inch Ultra-HD LED CyberSound Android TV design and specifications

Most affordable and reasonably priced televisions in India right now look fairly plain, with simple plastic frames and slim borders that allow for viewers’ focus to remain on the screen. The Blaupunkt CyberSound TV largely adheres to this formula, but has a thin silver-coloured strip at the bottom that helps it stand out a bit. The company logo is on this strip, with a module for the status light and IR receiver right below it.

The television isn’t very thick, and can be wall or table-mounted, with the former compatible with standard VESA mounting hooks, and the latter using the stands included in the box. A wall-mount kit is included in the box, and Blaupunkt provides free installation for this TV with your purchase. The stands, if used, need to be placed near the outer edges of the TV, so you’ll need a wide enough table to place it on.

The power socket for the cable faces to the right of the screen, while all ports face to the left. If you have the TV wall-mounted, these ports might be a bit difficult to access since they are near the centre of the TV at the back. The television isn’t very heavy, weighing about 6.5kg, which makes it easy to lift and even install yourself if you choose. I do, however, recommend that you opt for professional installation if you aren’t familiar with the process.

While I’m reviewing the 43-inch model, there are also 50-inch and 55-inch options in the same product range, priced at Rs. 36,999 and Rs. 40,999 respectively. The 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch models are all Ultra-HD televisions with support for high dynamic range content up to the HDR10+ format, and are almost identical in terms of the rest of their specifications. Naturally, the size you pick would depend on the viewing distance and space in your home.

The TV has a 43-inch Ultra-HD (3840×2160-pixel) LED-backlit IPS LCD screen, with a standard refresh rate of 60Hz and a rated peak brightness of 450 nits. High dynamic range content up to the HDR10+ format is supported on the TV; the lack of support for Dolby Vision content is notable here, especially since competing products such as the Realme Smart TV 4K 43 and the upcoming Mi TV 5X do have this.

blaupunkt cybersound 43 tv review 4k hdr 3 Blaupunkt

This is an Ultra-HD television with support for HDR10+ format content, but no Dolby Vision

Connectivity options include three HDMI ports, two USB ports, Ethernet, Optical (Toslink) audio out, an antenna connector, and a single composite AV input socket to be used with a three-way RCA adapter. Oddly, while the specifications do state the presence of a headphone jack for external audio connectivity, this wasn’t present on my review unit. As mentioned, the 43-inch Blaupunkt CyberSound TV has a rated sound output of 50W through a box speaker system with four speaker units.

HDMI ARC, Dolby Digital and Dolby MS12 processing, Bluetooth 5, and dual-band Wi-Fi are also supported. The TV is powered by a quad-core processor, and has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage for the Android TV 10 software and apps.

Blaupunkt 43-inch Ultra-HD LED CyberSound Android TV remote and features

Small remotes with few buttons might be in fashion for affordable televisions, but the Blaupunkt CyberSound doesn’t have one of those. The remote of this TV is big and has lots of buttons including a number pad; D-pad for navigation; hotkeys for Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play; a Google Assistant button; and playback controls. This isn’t a bad thing at all, since it means that you can do just about everything you need with just a couple of button presses.

The remote runs on two AAA batteries (included in the box), and has dedicated buttons for all key functions such as changing the source, and accessing the picture and sound settings from any screen. An info button shows basic technical details in supported apps. Although it’s bulky and looks rather ordinary, it’s extremely functional and useful; I’d much rather have function over form when it comes to TV remotes.

It’s possible to change key picture and sound attributes plus some miscellaneous hardware settings using the remote, even from within content being played. Usefully, there is also Google Chromecast functionality built in, as well as support for Apple AirPlay. Getting AirPlay to work was a bit tricky, and needed a third-party app (AirScreen) from the Google Play Store, as the TV wasn’t able to connect with a source device from the Android TV home screen.

I was able to get it to work eventually, and it functioned normally with both a MacBook Air and iPhone once properly set up. Google casting worked pretty much as expected with both screen mirroring and direct content. There is also Google Assistant on the TV, which can be invoked using the button on the remote, and this works as expected too.

Blaupunkt 43-inch Ultra-HD LED CyberSound Android TV software and interface

The Blaupunkt CyberSound TV range runs Android TV 10, with only the stock Android TV launcher. If you’ve used Android TV devices before, this is the same familiar smart TV experience you’ll already be used to. Even if this is your first smart TV, the Android TV experience is among the easiest and best of the various available smart TV platforms.

Apps and games can be downloaded through the Google Play Store for Android TV, and certain apps are needed for you to fully use all the features of the TV, such as the AirScreen app mentioned in the previous section. Some apps come preinstalled on the Blaupunkt CyberSound TV, including Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play Movies.

blaupunkt cybersound 43 tv review android tv Blaupunkt

The Cybersound TV runs Android TV 10, with the stock Android TV user interface

Most popular apps and streaming services are available to download, and the remote is fully optimised to control them. Usefully, the television boots up from standby in only around five seconds, and it takes around 45 seconds if you’re doing a full reboot, or turning it back on after the main power was turned off.

While the entire list of settings can be accessed through the Android TV home screen and settings menu, certain core settings for picture and sound can also be pulled up by pressing the ‘Menu’ button on the remote from anywhere within the interface, including when content is playing. This lets you tweak things on the go, and also immediately see how any changes affect the performance of the TV. There are specific picture modes for HDR, with the TV automatically detecting HDR content and choosing an appropriate one.

Blaupunkt 43-inch Ultra-HD LED CyberSound Android TV performance

As the name suggests, the Blaupunkt 43-inch Ultra-HD LED CyberSound Android TV is focused on sound performance, but this television does also match up to the competition when it comes to picture capabilities. It has an Ultra-HD screen with HDR support up to the HDR10+ format, with a standard refresh rate of 60Hz and support for Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby MS12 processing, and DTS TruSurround.

That said, the superior Dolby Vision HDR format and Dolby Atmos sound format are not supported. This is a bit disappointing given that options such as the Realme Smart TV 4K 43 offer support for these formats at around the same price.

Despite its size, the Blaupunkt 43-inch CyberSound TV delivers a reasonably detailed picture when playing high-quality content, and differences between full-HD and Ultra-HD content were visible easily enough. High dynamic range content didn’t look significantly different from standard dynamic range content. This partly has to do with the lack of support for Dolby Vision, and partly because of the somewhat low peak brightness of the TV.

While colour accuracy was decent enough and the picture remained sharp and clean with Ultra-HD HDR content, the Blaupunkt CyberSound TV fell a bit short when it came to brightness and punch. Watching various episodes of Street Food: Asia on Netflix, the vibrant colours and activity of various food markets around Asia weren’t suitably reproduced by this TV.

blaupunkt cybersound 43 tv review remote Blaupunkt

The remote of the Blaupunkt CyberSound TV is big and bulky, but has buttons for practically everything you need

The picture was often difficult to discern clearly if bright daylight was hitting the screen, and turning up the brightness and backlighting only worsened things by creating a grey haze. Although darkening the room a bit by drawing the curtains did help improve the picture, night scenes were still often unwatchable in regular conditions; many scenes in the Cebu episode of Street Food: Asia appeared completely grey to me, with no reasonable level of detail visible at all.

This brings me to the black levels of the Blaupunkt CyberSound TV. The odd brightness management and the effect the backlighting has on the picture together made for blacks that didn’t look black at all. Instead, most nighttime and dark scenes appeared to have a grey wash over them that made viewing them quite difficult. I also found that HDR performance was a bit inconsistent, while standard dynamic range content tended to look a bit more visually exciting and harmonious.

I did notice that these flaws seemed to show more prominently in content with low production value, with the TV doing virtually nothing to enhance fast-moving video or anything shot in settings that weren’t necessarily photogenic. On the other hand, watching TV shows and movies shot on carefully constructed sets, such as Comedy Premium League on Netflix and some episodes of Loki on Disney+ Hotstar, was considerably better. Despite these issues with colour and brightness, the Blaupunkt TV did enough to ensure a sharp picture with clean motion, and I had no serious complaints with that.

I found that full-HD content on the Blaupunkt 43-inch CyberSound TV was nearly as good as Ultra-HD content; the TV did a good job of upscaling, particularly episodes of The Good Place and Parks and Recreation, as well as Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw. Interestingly enough, sharp, in-studio shooting techniques and bright sets and colours seemed to bring out the best in this TV. Lower-resolution content, particularly kids’ videos on YouTube, looked decent enough, with reasonably good upscaling. The issues with brightness and colours did persist, but content that is colourful and bright enough on its own didn’t hassle the TV too much.

Sound quality is pitched as a key feature of the Blaupunkt CyberSound TV series, with the 43-inch model having a rated output of 50W through a quad box speaker system. The speakers fire downwards, and are indeed as loud as the number suggests. Even at low to medium volume levels, the Blaupunkt CyberSound TV was very loud. Reasonably good tuning for voices made it easy to listen to the dialogue in movies and TV shows.

Turning the volume all the way up made for very loud sound, but did lead to some quirks in the sound quality which you wouldn’t typically face from a good soundbar with front-firing speakers. Volume levels were consistent, and there weren’t too many spikes in loud scenes or with music. Keeping the volume at medium to slightly high levels made for a pleasant and enjoyable sound. This Blaupunkt TV is quite easily the loudest and best-sounding television you can buy for around Rs. 30,000, and you won’t really need a soundbar or speaker system to go with it.


The idea of a television that is focused on sound isn’t new, but such offerings are still quite uncommon in the budget segment. The Blaupunkt 43-inch CyberSound TV stands out because of its focus on sound quality, and indeed, the 50W speaker system makes for loud, clean sound that is superior to what most options in this price segment offer. However, this TV doesn’t quite match up to the competition when it comes to picture quality.

Although performance is decent with bright content across resolutions, the sub-par brightness and black levels are let-downs, especially when playing dark content. Although sharp thanks to the Ultra-HD resolution, a lack of support for Dolby Vision and very ordinary performance with HDR10+ content meant that picture quality was inconsistent, and some content was hard for me to watch.

If you’re likely to stick to full-HD or lower-resolution content with only the occasional viewing of 4K HDR movies and TV shows, this Blaupunkt TV should suit you fine. Buy this for sound quality – if that’s a key factor in your decision-making process – but options such as the Mi TV 5X are newer and far better equipped when it comes to picture and other capabilities.

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