Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 With Free Next-Gen Upgrade for PS5, Xbox Series S/X Released


Cyberpunk 2077 has released on next-generation consoles after a long wait, with Polish developer CD Projekt unveiling it during a livestream event on Tuesday.

The company has been working to fix the game ever since a bug-ridden launch led Sony to pull it from its PlayStation Store for six months.

“Of course, the premiere is a positive event, but it is also associated with considerable market expectations, as it will probably be a key event for the company this year,” said Ipopema Securities analyst Michal Wojciechowski.

The update, originally set to debut last year but delayed as work on fixing the game continued, came as part of the 1.5 patch, which also includes free downloadable content (DLC) and improvements to the game.

“(Patch 1.5) brings various improvements to the game, numerous quests and gameplay fixes, as well as a number of free DLCs,” CD Projekt said.

Wojciechowski flagged, though, that a big spike in Cyberpunk 2077 interest could be hard to achieve amid a strong line-up of rival titles this month.

The update is available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as well as on PlayStation 5, as a free upgrade and a standalone digital purchase. The game, along with patch 1.5, is also available on older consoles, Google’s game streaming service Stadia, and PC.

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