Google Now Has a Wordle Easter Egg: Here’s How to Find It


Wordle has taken the Internet by storm, presenting a pleasant-yet-formidable daily challenge for people forced inside their homes across the world due to the ongoing coronavirus-induced pandemic. For those unaware, Wordle is a free-to-play game where you need to guess a secret five-letter word in no more than six tries. It can only be played on a dedicated website, and you don’t need to log in or register to play. Owing to the open access and the simplicity of the game, Wordle has become an instant hit among netizens. So much so that even Google has come up with an Easter egg on its search page. 

Wordle Easter egg on Google: How to access

Finding the Wordle Easter egg on Google is as simple as playing the game itself.

When you search for “Wordle,” the Easter egg will appear on the top-left corner of the search result page. The Google logo there will be replaced with an animated GIF which shows a six-letter word.

The words on the GIF appear with the grey, yellow, green boxes made famous by Wordle. As per Wordle rules, the grey boxes represent letters which are not part of the day’s secret word, the yellow boxes show letters which are part of the word but not placed in the correct order, and the green boxes show the letters which are correctly placed.

On the GIF, the animation shows two incorrect guesses — COLUMN and GOALIE — before zeroing in on the final correct word, which turns out to be GOOGLE. We see what you did there, Google!

For handy tips and strategies, check out our all-encompassing guide to Wordle.

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