Google Play Games Beta Brings Support for ‘Seamless’ Android Gaming to Windows PCs


Google Play Games has been launched in limited beta for Windows PCs and laptops, bringing popular Android gaming titles to larger screens with support for mouse-and-keyboard input. The beta will offer a “seamless” gameplay across smartphones, tablets, and computers, according to the company. The company lists titles such as Asphalt 9: Legends, Magic Rush: Heroes, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire, and War Planet Online that will be available as part of the limited beta. The new Google Play Games beta is currently live in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. Google is allowing users to sign up to be notified when it expands to other regions.

According to details posted on the Google Play Games beta website, gamers who live in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan will have access to the Google Play Games desktop app on their Windows laptop or desktop computer, after signing up for the beta. The website states that gamers will be able to sign into their Google account, allowing them to sync their progress and game library across devices. “Start playing on your phone, switch to your PC, then pick up on your phone again,” the site reads.

Google hasn’t revealed how many games will be available as part of Google Play Games beta for Windows PCs, but the company says that every game has been optimised in collaboration with the developer. Games will also be subject to safety checks, according to Google. The company adds that purchases on Google Play Games will count towards gamers’ Google Play Points, including in-app items and subscriptions.

In order to participate in the beta, gamers must be running Windows 10 (v2004) or later with an octa-core CPU, paired with 8GB of RAM and 20GB of SSD storage. They will also need a “gaming-class” GPU and a Windows account with administrator privileges. In addition, hardware virtualisation will need to be enabled on PCs to participate in the Google Play Games beta. Google has not provided an official release date for Google Play games for Windows PC, but the beta is set to “expand to other regions later in 2022 and beyond” according to the company.

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