HP Leads PC Shipments in India in Q2 2021, Samsung Sees Massive Annual Growth Fuelled by Tablets: Canalys


Laptops and PC shipments in India reached 4.1 million units in the second quarter of 2021, Canalys’ latest report suggests, adding that it grew by a healthy 43 percent year-on-year (YoY). Even tablets are reported to have the best quarter since 2016 and have seen 52 percent YoY growth. Canalys says that desktop shipments were up by 23 percent. HP led the PC shipments in India with 1.066 million shipments in Q2 2021, raking in 26 percent of the market share. Lenovo came in second with 20.5 percent market share, and Dell reportedly came in third with 12.8 percent market share.

HP shipments in India were up by 54 percent YoY in Q2 2021, Canalys says. It managed to ship 1.066 million units, raking in 26 percent market share in the second quarter. The vendor is said to have grown its notebook shipments by 59 percent. Lenovo is reported to come in second place, with 0.84 million shipments in Q2 2021 and 20.5 percent market share. Canalys says Lenovo saw a flattish 3 percent YoY growth in Q2 2021. In fact, its notebook shipments fell by 3 percent while its tablet market grew 16 percent.

Canalys says that Dell comes in third and manages to ship 0.525 million PC units in Q2 2021. It rakes in 12.8 percent market share and sees an overall 40 percent annual growth. In the enterprise segment, Dell witnessed a 71 percent YoY growth, attributed to its quick-pace Intel 11th generation SKUs.

Samsung sees a massive 134 percent annual growth in India, the most compared to other brands, mainly fuelled by its tablet shipments. It had 0.403 million shipments in Q2 2021 and 9.8 percent market share. Acer was fifth on the list with 0.326 million shipments and 8 percent market share. Last year, it shipped only 0.172 million units in the same quarter. Acer finished fifth as the vendor topped Apple and grew its total shipments by 95 percent YoY, Canalys reports.

The market analyst firm says that almost all categories in the PC segment grew by double-digit percentages YoY in Q2 2021, mainly due to a lacklustre performance in Q2 2020, when the entire country was under lockdown, braving the first wave of COVID-19.

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