New State Mobile Introduces Mileage Points to Offer Special Rewards to Gamers


New State Mobile has introduced a new Mileage System for rewards in the popular battle royale game. Gamers can now accumulate Mileage Points by opening certain crates in the game, which can be exchanged for special rewards once they reach a certain number, according to developer Krafton. New State Mobile also recently introduced a special Round Deathmatch — with rewards such as Chicken Medals, Royale Chest Tickets, and in-game currency — to celebrate the completion of 100 days since the game was launched.

Gamers who open certain crates using NC and Chicken Medals (in game currency) or Crate Tickets in New State Mobile will receive Mileage Points, Krafton recently announced. Different types of Mileage Points can be exchanged for a specific set of rewards. However, Krafton explains that when a crate’s sales period ends, all Mileage Points collected from that crate will expire, which means gamers will have to use them up while the crate is on sale.

Gamers must collect a specific type of points by opening a corresponding crate. An icon will show up in the new Mileage gauge bar. It will help notify once enough points have been collected to claim a special reward. Tapping the icon will allow gamers to exchange the Mileage Points for a special reward, according to Krafton.

The developer also recently announced a special Round Deathmatch event that began on February 18 and ends on February 24. New State Mobile has introduced two new Deathmatch challenges and will offer rewards to 100 gamers who meet specific conditions. Gamers can participate in both events and will be eligible to receive rewards for both challenges.

As part of the first 100th-day challenge, Krafton will pick 50 random players from among those who have won the most Round Deathmatch games during the event period. Meanwhile, as part of the second 100th day challenge, another 50 gamers will be selected from gamers who have played the most Round Deathmatch games until February 24. Rewards for the 100th Day challenges include 10 Chicken Medals, 10 Royale Chest Tickets, and 10,000 BP (in game currency), according to Krafton.

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