PUBG New State Renamed to New State Mobile, Krafton Announces Lunar New Year Rewards


PUBG New State is being renamed to New State Mobile, the game’s publisher Krafton confirmed on Thursday. Krafton revealed the new name of the popular battle royale game for smartphones that was launched in November 2021. It has since racked up over 45 million downloads. While Krafton offers a desktop version of PUBG, which recently became a free-to-play game, the latest move by Krafton to rename PUBG New State suggests that the game could remain a mobile-only game and may not be released for PC and consoles.

The South Korean publisher confirmed that it has renamed PUBG New State to New State Mobile in a tweet on Thursday. Krafton has already changed the name of its Facebook and Twitter accounts to New State Mobile. “NEW STATE has always been a mobile-focused experience, and through the transformation to NEW STATE MOBILE, we are bringing this to the core,” Krafton says in the tweet. The game was released in November last year and has since accumulated over 45 million downloads, according to a previous report. At the time of publishing, the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store listing for the game still had the old PUBG: New State title.

Krafton recently added a new BR: Extreme Mode to New State Mobile, in which matches feature 64 players and last for 20 minutes. Gamers are dropped into the Troi map with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, 300 drone credits, and fully charged boost meters. They must battle other players in fast-paced matches that grant double tier points. According to a report by Dotesports, a lot of changes are coming to the game starting with the addition of the BR: Extreme Mode and Krafton will more details will be shared “later this year”.

Meanwhile, Krafton recently announced a new set of Lunar New Year events and rewards in the game that will run until February 2. The first event will grant three BP Random Boxes to players who log in to the game for at least four days, and four Royale Chest Tickets to players who play BR: Extreme mode at least thrice daily for four days. The second event will grant three Frozen Wonderland Crate Tickets to players who play BR: Extreme at least 12 times before February 2, while gamers who win a Chicken Dinner in BR: Extreme will get five Chicken Medals, according to Krafton.

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