Saints Row 4 PC Cheats: All Cheat Codes for Saints Row IV, From Superstomp to Runfast


Saints Row 4 is probably one of the wildest games in the series, and lets gamers step into the shoes of none other than the US President, who must save the world from the evil alien overlord Zinyak. Saints Row 4 also adds super powers, allowing players to take on Zinyak’s minions in spectacular moves. The open world game lets players leap over buildings, run through tanks, and fly across the map at will. Previous Saints Row titles allowed gamers to customise their appearance, while Saints Row 4 also added customisable weapons. The game also features a drop-in co-op mode allowing two players to tackle enemies side-by-side. If the game doesn’t seem wild enough and if you wish to wreak even more havoc, here are all the Saints Row 4 cheats for PC.

How to use cheat codes in Saints Row 4

If you’ve played Saints Row 3, you probably know how to enter cheats on Saints Row 4. Go to the Hub, then Select Extras > Cheats > Add Cheat. Note that enabling cheats will disable achievements and trophies in the game.

Saints Row 4 PC cheats

fryhole: Sends all the dead bodies in the game floating towards the sky.

cheese: Immediately grants you $100,000

runfast: Removes the limit on sprinting, so your character is never tired and can sprint indefinitely.

letsrock: Unlocks powerful weapons in the game, including alien RPG, automatic rifle, baseball bat, heavy pistol, heavy SMG, and semi-auto shotgun.

vroom: Makes your vehicle indestructible, lets you ram your way through traffic without damaging your vehicle.

repaircar: Instantly repairs all damage taken by your vehicle.

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isquishyou: Destroys other vehicles around you while you are driving.

goodygoody: Gets rid of existing Notoriety (Police) in the game.

instantwarden: Immediately spawns a Warden, a monstrous bipedal alien in the game.

nowardens: Disables the spawning of Wardens when you gain Notoreity.

superblast: Unlocks the ability to throw power attacks at people and vehicles, the first ‘Power’ unlocked in Saints Row 4.

superbuff: Unlocks Buff, which envelopes the player in a powerful elemental aura that damages any targets in its vicinity.

superstomp: Unlocks the ability to send shockwaves the ground, affecting any opponent in the game.

supertk: Unlocks Telekinesis that allows players to lift people, objects and even vehicles and throw them over a long distance.

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superdfa: Unlocks the Death From Above power, the ability to cause extended damage by attacking a target from above — with more damage the higher a player goes.

nosupermove: Disables the super power-enhanced movement abilities in the game.

nosuperpowers: Completely disable the elemental superpowers that are part of the game.

bigheadmode: Gives your character an oversized Bobblehead physique.

noglitchcity: Disables the glitch effect that is part of Saints Row 4.

evilcars: Turns all drivers against you, makes them try to run you over.

fastforward: Immediately speeds up time in the game, useful when you need to run through a repititive part of the game.

insanecity: Turns everyone in the city crazy and gets them to attack each other you, so be careful.

mascot: Turns all pedestrians into inanimate objects and fake characters on the road.

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hohoho: Turns all pedestrians into prostitutes and pimps in the game.

goldengun: Enables easy, one-shot kills when using firearms. Must be unlocked in the game.

notrated: Causes every character you kill in the game to explode violently. Must be unlocked in the game.

slowmo: Slows down time in the game so you can enjoy the destruction in slow motion. Must be unlocked in the game.

Saints Row 4 DLC cheats

These cheats will only work if you have the Executive Privilege Pack DLC for Saints Row 4 installed.

dlc_never_die: Makes you invincible in the game — this simply turns you immune to any form of attack.

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dlc_car_mass: Unlike isquishyou, this cheat code causes your car to smash other vehicles out of the way.

dlc_unlimited_clip: Keeps your weapon perpetually loaded, so you never run out of bullets.

dlc_sosuper: Immediately unlocks all purchases and gives you all super upgrades in the game.

dlc_unlimited_ammo: Gives you infinite ammunition, which means all your weapons will always be ready for action.

dlc_superduper: Immediately brings your super powers to maximum capacity in the game.

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