Spider-Man: No Way Home Box Office Climbs to $1.74 Billion, Earns $1 Billion Outside US


Spider-Man: No Way Home has been constantly hitting big with box office numbers despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) latest superhero title has now grossed over $1.003 billion (roughly Rs. 7,491 crore) at the international offshore box office with the global total reaching $1.74 billion (roughly Rs. 12,995 crore). Spider-Man: No Way Home has reached the sixth spot on the all-time global box office list. Tom Holland-starrer Spider-Man has also become the highest grossing superhero movie of all time in 19 regions.

In its current weekend, Spider-Man: No Way Home accumulated $11 million (roughly Rs. 82 crore) at the North American — combining Canada and the US — box office. From North America alone, the latest Spider-Man film has grossed $735 million (roughly Rs. 5,485 crore) till date, which has made it the fourth-highest grossing film in the continent. Presently, it is nearly $25 million (roughly Rs. 186 crore) behind Avatar — the third-highest grossing film in the North American region.

And this past weekend, Spider-Man: No Way Home earned $21.1 million (roughly Rs. 157 crore) from more than 14,000 cinemas in 63 regions. With that, the latest Spider-Man title has become the highest-grossing superhero film in the UK with a total earnings of $120.1 million (roughly Rs. 897 crore). It is followed by Mexico at $74.4 million (roughly Rs. 555 crore), South Korea at $61.5 million (roughly Rs. 459 crore), France at $61.2 million (roughly Rs. 457 crore), Australia at $55.2 million (roughly Rs. 412 crore), Brazil at $53.8 million (roughly Rs. 401 crore), Russia at $46 million (roughly Rs. 343 crore), Germany at $45.1 million (roughly Rs. 336 crore), India at $36.2 million (roughly Rs. 270 crore), and Japan at $29.7 million (roughly Rs. 221 crore).

Impressively, Spider-Man: No Way Home has reached these box office numbers without the help of China as the film has not yet been given a release date there. Spider-Man’s latest adventure is also the highest-grossing superhero movie in 19 regions — Argentina, Belgium, Croatia, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Mongolia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, and the UK.

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